The advantageous position of our facilities, the continuous monitoring and care of the estates as well as the diligent harvest of the cherries at the appropriate stage of their maturity contribute substantially to the consistently high quality of our fruits.


Greece, in relation to the rest of Europe, has the comparative advantage of (more) early maturation of cherry varieties by 10-15 days, resulting in a large market share in Europe. The group of cherry producers in Greece, deals exclusively with the production of cherries, an extremely "valuable" fruit that combines nutrients, wonderful taste and incredible antioxidant properties.


We, the cherry growers of Greece, have managed, after 3 generations of cultivation and with our ally hard work, perseverance, patience and full dedication to our goal to supply our customers with products of high quality and taste.


Our cultivation areas, covering an altitude of 250m to 1450m as well as the extended harvest period with a range of 70 days, from May 20 to July 30, add additional special value to the final production of our cherries.


Cherry is characterized as a "vulnerable" fruit, which needs special treatment. For this reason, its collection is always done manually (one by one) and then carefully packaged in specially designed for the "needs" of the cherry packaging, which guarantees the maintenance of its high quality while maintaining its high quality against during its transport.


Strictly adhering to all safety and certification standards throughout the production, transport, standardization and packaging of our products, we offer the final consumer a completely quality product!



Red, crunchy variety, with medium fruit size, with very good organoleptic characteristics. The size of the fruit is medium to large with a weight of 7-8 gr. The fruit is crunchy with good tearing resistance with mahogany color and kidney-shaped.

larian cherries


Heart-shaped, dark red skin color, very large (7.65 gr). Its flesh is crisp, red in color, with good taste. The Larian variety is of great commercial interest due to the characteristics of the fruit.


Kidney shape, with good size (26-30 mm). Crispy flesh and sweet taste (15-16 Brix). Resistant to cracking.
kordia cherries


Fruit with nephroid shape, long stem and size quite good. Crispy flesh and very good taste.


Heart-shaped fruit, with bright red color, very good size, good tear resistance, very pleasant taste and flesh consistency. It has the characteristic that while it has matured it can withstand a few days on the tree “waiting” for the producer.


Red, crunchy variety, heart-shaped flattened, large. It has a sweet and sour (spicy) taste that is not preferred in the Greek market, but forms high prices in the countries of Central and Northern Europe that are exported.


Red, crisp variety. It was created in Germany by the Jork Experiment Station in 1957. Heart-shaped to elongated heart-shaped fruit of large to medium size. It is easily absorbed by the markets because it has very good fruit quality.
lapin cherries


The Lapins variety is of great commercial interest, due to the characteristics of the fruit, heart-shaped, red skin color, very large (8.6 gr). Its flesh is crisp, red in color, with a sweet taste and good taste.


The fruit is very large spherical-heart-shaped, has a bright red color, while the pink flesh is crisp with very good taste and quality characteristics.
germersdorfer cherries